Self-learning online courses

II round: from 12 July to 12 October.

The form will open on June 27 and will be available until July 7. You will receive the registration confirmation message on July 12th

 available at the link

Selected participants will be sent an email (on 11 October) from the following email address ( confirming their successful registration to the requested course.

The user licenses will be available until 31/01/2023.

The Language Centre of Tor Vergata University of Rome offers online courses of 23 foreign languages through the Rosetta Stone platform.

The courses do not include face-to-face classes, and the online material is available at any time and via any device. Each participant’s activity is constantly monitored, and a remote support system to correctly use the contents, to optimise the learning process, and to solve possible technical problems is offered.

The online courses through the Rosetta Stone platform do not replace the classes held by the mother-tongue teachers of the CLA but offer an opportunity to start, or deepen, the study of the chosen language.

For remote support click HERE

(Remote support is available only for the users who have already started using online courses)

The courses are free for all members of the academic community. The CLA reserves the right to make a selection should the number of requests exceed that of the licenses offered.


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